Sakurai Hajime exhibition “20th Century Girl”

Sakurai Hajime exhibition “20th Century Girl”

  • 日 程 :2023.04.18(火) ~ 2023.05.07(日)
  • 時 間 :8:00 ~ 20:00
  • 入場料 :無料


  • さくらいはじめ / Sakurai Hajime


    Sakurai Hajime is always updated his inspiration derived from 20th century pop culture, with a sophisticated, contemporary feeling. His creativity is pop motifs with graphical composition and emotional expression. Actively presenting his original works at solo exhibitions and art fairs, he works as a worldwide artist, not only in Japan but also in Asia and Europe. His commission work has been loved by a wide range, including many collaborations with musicians and famous brands. He keeps to create the old and new with square explorations and hip performances.