Frederik Schnieders ONE MAN SHOW

Frederik Schnieders ONE MAN SHOW

  • 日 程 :2014.01.19(日) ~ 2014.02.17(月)
  • 時 間 :-
  • 入場料 :無料

Frederik Schnieders ONE MAN SHOW

ベルギー/アントワープからFrederik Schnieders(フレデリック シュナイダー)来日。 12月より日本で新作をペイントし、日本初個展となる。
フレデリックはアントワープでは個展の多くを開催。またロンドンのThe Brick Lane Galleryで「Art in mind」にも参加することによって国際的なものとなる。
今回のTAGSTÅ GALLERYでのショーでは「SOME GIRLS ARE BIGGER THAN OTHERS」にもおもむきをおきつつ、日本での彼の旅行や経験に基づいて、新しい絵画や図面から構成されています。

日程 : 2014年1月19日(日)〜2月17日(月)
時間 : 7:00~20:00
Exhibition Entrance:Free
オープニングパーティ:Entrance Free

As we wander through a very fast and contemporary artworld populated by a lot of talented people where style, craftsmanship and experience are just one of the few critical turningpoints that make an artist stand out from the sheepherd,it is with great fun and excitement to have a look at the work of Frederik Schnieders.

Born on the 18th of February 1977 and having studied painting at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp ( Belgium) his primary interest that was cultivated through modeldrawing became logicwise the human figure until the point where he arrived now being transformed into his own version of thefemale, even more the young independent rock n roll dandy woman that emphasises her role as outcast, idol, bad girl or just plain femme fatale.

Set in a world of written words and straight upfront imagesreflecting the impulses of the moment and the reference to all time heroes in music and also what is happening through all other artforms will have its own place on the work. Creating his own world by settings with models which are being photographed, selected and re-edited to be the base to start working from.

Going through many layers of lines, paint, written words and unfinished sketches all types of media pass through the hands of this artist, we can find a mix of charcoal, Chinese ink, markers, aqualaque, stickers, paperpieces, spraypaint and acrylics as his trademark.

Although he sees himself as a painter the drawing aspect and graphic part also plays a big role in the work which in itself makes the ‘painting’ quite open and breathing in balance between a lot of techniques.

Frederik participated in a lot of group and solo exhibitions in Antwerp and also made his footsteps internationally by participating in ‘Art in mind’ in the Brick Lane Gallery in London.
At this moment he is working on his solo show ” Some girls are bigger than others” at TAGSTA gallery in Fukuoka, Japan. The solo show consists out of new paintings and drawings based on his travels and experiences in Japan.


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